Today we waked up at Guilin, China - city full of amazing scents of green and fresh flowers and nature. Full with beautiful mountains and scenery views.

The history of Guilin dates back more than 2000 years, to the first century B.C. when the city was established on the banks of the Kuei River. A couple of hundred years earlier, the construction of the Ling Canal made it possible for water transportation between the Xi River and the Tangzi River
Guilin is listed as a state-level historical and cultural city. There are scheduled flights to major cities in China and to Japan and the countries of Southeast Asia. So we decided to take a walk around local temples and pogodas.
One of them was located in the Elephant hill mountain and this is so the temple Nr.1 from where we start our expedition.
And yes - we did our prayer for a happiness of everyone on the world.

And we spent other day walking around the Elephant hill.